Seawalls are constructed as a form of shoreline defense to protect property, human habitation, water quality and natural resources. Shorelines are naturally exposed to erosion from wind, waves and ice to name a few. Seawalls can be constructed from various materials such as concrete, steel or wood. At Lakefront Solutions LLC we use high quality vinyl sheet piling. Whether you are in need of a new seawall or wanting to reface your old one, our vinyl is a proven product that has protected millions of feet of shoreline. It can also be used for retaining walls. It provides a permanent, attractive and functional seawall at a significantly lower cost than other alternatives and it comes with a Lifetime Transferable Limited Warranty

Bank Stabilization

If you are one of the many unfortunate land owners who have watched the banks of your lake, pond or stream recede year after year, you know what a devastating and unwelcomed site it is to see your property, investment or family heirloom disappear into the water for good. This is due to erosion. Shoreline erosion happens naturally over time, but sometimes it can be a rapid process. It can also be harmful to the lakes ecosystem and water quality. Wind, waves and ice are destructive to shorelines. Boat traffic adds significantly to wave action.  Seawalls or large stone placed along the shoreline prevent erosion, stabilize shorelines and help protect the lakes natural resources.

Marine Contruction

We offer Residential and Light Commercial Marine construction focusing mainly on custom waterfront decks and piers, new or refaced seawalls, retaining walls and bank stabilization. We take pride in using quality materials and putting our customers’ concerns first.

Pile Driving

Pile driving refers to the method of driving piles or panels into the ground without first removing any soils or materials.  This method ensures a stronger foundation as the ground around the pilings or panels has not been disturbed or displaced, which helps prevent the risk of any future ground movement.  We use steel or wood pilings  for structural support in waterfront decks and piers and vinyl panels for seawalls and retaining walls.

The pilings or panels are driven into the ground with a pneumatic vibratory hammer. This method produces vertical vibration to drive the object into the ground. An excavator is used to suspend the hammer over the object being driven allowing ease of control. Constant attention is given to ensure the object is installed as plumb and straight as possible.

Custom Waterfront Decks

Waterfront decks add value, beauty and function to your property. They can allow a better lake access or create a more useable area along the waters edge. Decks can be cantilevered over the water with piers or docks can be added along the waterfront to create a boardwalk. Treated or composite materials can be used for decking and handrail. Accent lighting is a great idea for adding a soft warm touch. In some instances it feels as though you are bringing the waterfront to the home. What an enjoyable natural feature.

Excavation – Demolition

Whether your needs are waterfront or inland, we offer excavation and demolition which include site work, re grading and grubbing. Our capabilities are rather vast, so if you need a project done, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on your project.

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