As all too often seen, this customer had a failing concrete seawall. It was broken and separated in many places causing erosion and loss of their yard.

Their decision was to install a new vinyl seawall. Per customers request we placed a 4’ walkway of pea gravel next to the seawall

Railroad ties are commonly used for seawalls. Unfortunately over time they rot and splinter.

A vinyl seawall was installed with a treated top cap.

Customer had issues with a failed concrete seawall. The old wall was too low and falling into the lake. Much of the year the yard was flooded and constantly eroding.

A vinyl seawall with treated top cap was installed to a proper height that will protect their property from future flooding and erosion.

This property was one of many on a Private lake that was greatly eroded and a hazard. The POA opted to use riprap for  bank stabilization.

Old pipes were removed along the lakefront. The bank was re graded to a proper slope and a toe (trench) was formed at the bottom of the slope to maintain the riprap. Heavy-duty fabric was installed and riprap was placed on the fabric.